Surviving the Work Day: Why You Need an Office Plant

So now you’re back in the office. Bummer. Here’s how an office plant can make your long days a little more manageable.

Regardless of your work location, at home or in person, getting through a long day can seem unbearable. Staring at the computer for hours, talking to folks you’d rather not chat with, and setting up meetings that could really just be an email is enough to make anyone go insane, especially when the warm summer weather is calling your name. You could quit your job (which, I’m all for) but before you send that resignation email, try picking up a new plant baby to accompany you during your hard days.

I know, I know. You’re rolling your eyes. I can feel it from here! Allow me just a few minutes of your time to state my case.

Before I left politics, I filled my home office with not one, not two, but 12 plants. while they didn’t stop me from eventually quitting my job (plants can’t magically get you a better boss or manageable work hours), they certainly helped me save a few tears throughout the day.

First, something I’ve talked briefly about before. Some plants–ZZs, Pothos, Snake plants– have a unique talent of releasing oxygen into whatever environment they’re in at night. Seems insignificant, but its actually revolutionary! All plants release oxygen during the day as a result of photosynthesis. It’s great, because they take they air that you breathe out, CO2, and in turn, pump out fresh oxygen for you to breathe during the day. Since there is no sunlight at night, however, most plants stop releasing oxygen as they are no longer capturing solar energy and converting it into stored energy. Those exceptions that I mentioned will continue to release oxygen during the latter end of your late night shift, working to purify your air while you send your final emails for the night.

Who cares about fresh oxygen? YOUR BRAIN. Duh. Besides the fact that houseplants will literally filter your air for you (check out this webpage for a small chart that explains this), Some studies show that when your air is purified, your mental health is improved. Placing these plants in your office can literally take some of the stress off your back just by it’s presence!

Also, recent studies have shown that taking small breaks to do a plant related task ( repotting, watering, checking out your friend’s new leaves, etc) can calm you during a busy work day. I recognized this when I would naturally cut my zoom camera off and admire my plants during a stressful call. Your mind needs the occasional rest, regardless of your boss’s recognition of this, so admiring your desk mate is an easy way to take a break from your long to-do list.

Have I sold you on office plants yet? One more argument, and then I’ll yield! It’s an easy one to swallow.

Humans aren’t meant to be removed from nature.

Being inside with no greenery or nature at all is just simply a drag. When you have a plant friend with you, anxiety is reduced, concentration is boosted, the list is endless. I will also note that it was much easier for me to ask for time off when I got to practice on my snake plants first!

See the gallery below for some of my recommendations for your office space!

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