Month: February 2021

Hydroponics: Gardening Made Easy

Hey there! Sorry for my absence last week, I was planning a proposal! (He said yes!) I’m really excited to talk about hydroponics this week. It sounds super fancy, but is incredibly easy and is perfect for new gardeners who live in apartments or lack a green thumb. […]

Houseplants for Beginners!

Everyone assumes that they don’t have a green thumb. “I’ve even killed a cactus!”“Oh no, I’ve tried taking care of plants before. I kill everything.” Okay. Maybe it’s true. I’m not going to say that absolutely everyone has a green thumb. What I will say, however, is that […]

Who the heck am I?

Hey! I’m Micah. I use they/them pronouns. I mostly just chill. Here’s my life story for ya. I was born in Alabama, but moved to the great Commonwealth of Virginia at a young age. Woodbridge, VA became my stomping ground (shout out to ‘hoodbridge’). When I was a […]