Who the heck am I?


I’m Micah. I use they/them pronouns. I mostly just chill. Here’s my life story for ya.

I was born in Alabama, but moved to the great Commonwealth of Virginia at a young age. Woodbridge, VA became my stomping ground (shout out to ‘hoodbridge’).

When I was a wee tot, I attempted to grow a strawberry plant from seeds. our back porch got a ton of lighting and the weather was really perfect for it, so it went quite well! That is, until we had a family vacation and our house-sitter forgot to water it (Rest in peace, dear Strawberry plant). I grew up witnessing my mother tenderly care for a rather long pothos that weaved around our staircase. I loved it, but never thought I could do the same, so I didn’t try to.

Once I got older, I begin searching for a career that was right for me. I had originally thought that I would join the military, like the rest of my family, but I found that I wanted an occupation that allowed me to be a little more outspoken and individualistic. I have a rather bold personality.

So, my love for politics emerged. I begin working and interning at different nonprofits, and added majors and minors to my degree program almost every year. I discovered that trying to improve the lives of others was really my passion. However, as anyone in grassroots politics can tell you, it can be extremely draining. I seriously needed to work some self-care into my schedule.

So, in my senior year of college, I bought my first plant. A little Succulent that I later named Eve. She was so cute, I just had to buy her a friend. Then, her friend grew lil’ babes. I bought more plants. you get the idea.

Eve ❤

I moved roughly once a year, all around Virginia, so I started expanding my plant base in the hopes of finding the perfect apartment plants that could handle constant moving. Now, I own around 40 plants. Not really sure how that happened (but I suspect that the close proximity to gardening stores are to blame).

What was really supposed to be a hobby really has begun to consume me. Plants make me really happy! So finally, after the gentle nudging from some loved ones, I applied to go back to school for Horticulture. I’m in my first semester now, and I’m already thrilled to be back in the classroom (well, virtually) where I can study what I love.

My ultimate goal is to become a plant stylist. I want to gain a solid understanding of plants and what makes them happy, so I can find the perfect match for any individual’s home, business, and lifestyle.

Thanks for joining me on my journey! Let’s see where it goes from here!

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